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The Post Trip Coma: How Long Does it Affect You?

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Granted, I’m not flying three and four day trips anymore since I’ve hung up my wings as a flight attendant, but as a very frequent business traveler I still suffer from this “mental disorder” that is plaguing flight attendants daily: The Post-Trip Coma or PTC.  I’m sure if you’re a crewmember you’ve experienced it before. I still experience it, especially […]

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“Free” Still Flys: Domestic Airlines with Free Amenities

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The airline industry has seen many changes over the past few years, what used to be included in the cost of an airline ticket is now “a-la-carte” and sometimes there seems to be a fee for everything. But, because of quickly things change, whether you travel once a year or once a week you might not be aware of some the free amenities domestic flights still offer.

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Altbier in Dusseldorf: A Cultural Experience

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Over the last few months, the world “alt” hasn’t sat well with me. Alt-ernative Facts among other phrases and titles, quickly come to mind. But when I landed in Dusseldorf, Germany in March of this year on a business trip with my friend (and colleague) I heard the word “alt” again, but this time, it was something I could stand by, Altbier.

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Three Travel Tips: Phil Keoghan – The Amazing Race

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He’s traveled the world with CBS’ “The Amazing Race” so what are his best three travel tips?

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