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The Job of a Flight Attendant Can Be Stressful

Passengers aren’t the only people on planes who can face fines, flight attendants can be fined (or even fired!) for not following regulations.

What Happens if Someone on Your Cruise Tests Positive for COVID-19?

During the past few months, cruise lines have worked tirelessly to develop ways to protect their passengers and crew, keep their ships clean, and still allow everyone to feel as...

I’m on a Viking Cruise during the pandemic and this is what check-in and boarding are like.

I'll admit, my family members were a bit concerned. Before I left for my cruise on the Viking Venus through the Adriatic Sea (we're currently on day two), my mother...

Fuel Running Low at West Coast U.S. Airports

The west coast of the United States is experiencing a jet fuel shortage and airlines are beginning to warn passengers, crews, and the communities they serve. American Airlines issued a...

Southern Airways Express lands at Washington Dulles

What 75,000+ Airline Employees Facing Furlough Means For You

Will you need a new ID to travel this year?

In an Aircraft Evacuation? LEAVE YOUR LUGGAGE!

I cannot stress this enough. Leave. Your. Luggage. Can you hear me? Did you read it right? Leave your luggage. Leave it. Go. You’re on an airplane that’s going through an...