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The Post Trip Coma: How Long Does it Affect You?

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Granted, I’m not flying three and four day trips anymore since I’ve hung up my wings as a flight attendant, but as a very frequent business traveler I still suffer from this “mental disorder” that is plaguing flight attendants daily: The Post-Trip Coma or PTC.  I’m sure if you’re a crewmember you’ve experienced it before. I still experience it, especially […]

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“Free” Still Flys: Domestic Airlines with Free Amenities

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The airline industry has seen many changes over the past few years, what used to be included in the cost of an airline ticket is now “a-la-carte” and sometimes there seems to be a fee for everything. But, because of quickly things change, whether you travel once a year or once a week you might not be aware of some the free amenities domestic flights still offer.

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Three Travel Tips: Phil Keoghan – The Amazing Race

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He’s traveled the world with CBS’ “The Amazing Race” so what are his best three travel tips?

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In an Aircraft Evacuation? LEAVE YOUR LUGGAGE!

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I cannot stress this enough. Leave. Your. Luggage. Can you hear me? Did you read it right? Leave your luggage. Leave it. Go. You’re on an airplane that’s going through an emergency situation and an evacuation is underway. It could be a water landing, a fire, smoke in the cabin.. anything, what’s the first thing that crosses […]

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