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Travel Expert, TV Host, Former Flight Attendant, Travel Spokesperson & Brand Ambassador

Tamron Hall

Bobby Laurie talks with Tamron Hall about crying kids on planes and how one specific airline was trying to stop it from happening.https://youtu.be/UyPfKi2oqio

The Dr. Oz Show

Bobby Laurie joins Dr. Oz, Bevy Smith and Dr. Dow to discuss emotional support animals and some of the species passengers tried to take onboard for their "comfort."Since the airing...

11th Hour with Brian Williams

Bobby Laurie joins Helena Humphrey to discuss the power of the U.S. passport, or the lack thereof, under COVID restrictions.https://youtu.be/xM3esEc3oCc

Sailing Loreto Mexico

Bobby Laurie travels to Loreto, Mexico but this time he’s exploring via Catamaran onboard the El Gato with Hotel Association President Norma Garcia! Then he’s talking to Tracy Collingridge about...

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