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Alaska Airlines Will Increase Baggage Fees in 2024

Planning to fly with Alaska Airlines this 2024? There’s something that you should know. Alaska Airlines has increased its baggage fees for 2024.

The airline raised its checked bag from $30 to $35 for economy passengers without mileage status or upgrades from a credit card. In addition to this, a second bag that used to be $40 will go up to $45. And for anything beyond that will remain at $150. The increase in baggage fees will take effect on January 2.

In an email statement, Alaska Airlines said, “As we navigate rising operating costs – including high fuel prices – we occasionally need to adjust our fee structure to maintain a high level of excellence in the service we provide.”

First Increase in Baggage Fees in Six Years

Alaska Airlines last increased its baggage fees in December 2018. But the good news is that travelers with elite status in Alaska’s loyalty program are still eligible for one free bag. The same applies to military service members. Those with credit cards affiliated with Alaska Airlines should check with the airline since there is a possibility that they could be entitled to up to three free bags depending on their status.

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, US airlines earned $6.76 billion from baggage fees last year.

Competitors to Increase Baggage Fees Too?

So why is it bad news for air travelers? Alaska Airlines increasing its baggage fees for 2024 could also mean that other airlines are expected to match the increase. Currently, American Airlines and Delta Air Lines are still at $30. United and JetBlue, on the other hand, also charge the same for passengers who prepay bag fees before their flights. However, those who don’t opt to prepay are charged $35.

Whether other airlines are going to follow Alaska Airlines’ footsteps remains to be seen. However, it is common for other airlines to find new ancillary fees.