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Delta Begins to Test Personalized Entertainment

Delta Air Lines has unveiled a sophisticated in-flight entertainment system, ushering passengers into a realm of personalized entertainment via their seatback screens. This pioneering technology is currently undergoing rigorous testing, primarily on select older-generation Airbus A321 aircraft within the airline’s fleet.

This state-of-the-art feature emulates the familiarity of personal smart TVs, affording passengers the luxury of resuming movies or TV series from where they left off during prior flights. Moreover, it provides a seamless access point to passengers’ preferred shows and films, enhancing the in-flight experience.

To partake in this feature, travelers can simply log in using their SkyMiles account, and this amenity is offered at no cost to SkyMiles members, complementing Delta’s complimentary WiFi service.

Delta has set ambitious goals to extend this personalized entertainment experience to all of its roughly 125 Airbus A321-200 aircraft by year-end.

This commitment to personalization plays a central role in Delta’s broader initiative, known as Delta Sync, which has made headlines for the recent implementation of complimentary WiFi on the majority of its single-aisle mainline aircraft during the current year.

Furthermore, Delta has introduced Sync Exclusives, a cross-promotional platform designed for seatback screens. This platform presents passengers with exclusive opportunities, including complimentary trials of Paramount+ and exclusive deals from Delta’s partners such as T-Mobile and American Express.

In the pipeline, Delta has its sights set on expanding the Sync initiative to include its widebody fleet in the upcoming year, promising an even more engaging and individualized flying experience for passengers.