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Private Jet Travel For the Common Traveler

If you’re flying to your business or leisure destination, a commercial airliner isn’t the only option. While you might think private jets are used only by the rich and famous, they’re becoming more available to everyday travelers.

ALTOUR Air, a private jet service, has access to more than 7,000 aircraft worldwide, covering a range of sizes and price points. You and your traveling companions can choose from 20,000 airports worldwide, including 5,300 in the United States.

With crowded airports and flight delays and cancellations becoming more common, taking a private jet to your vacation or business trip enables you to travel stress-free. It’s a step up in comfort, flexibility and convenience. You’ll spend less time on the journey and more time at your destination.

For example, you can take off whenever you want. You’re not limited by airline schedules or affected by canceled flights. You may be able to avoid busy hub airports in major cities by using a small airport that caters to private jets. And you won’t have the hassle of trying to make a connecting flight. Plus, flying on a private jet gives you the ultimate in privacy — an aircraft just for you and your traveling companions.

Who should consider a private jet?

If you’re a luxury traveler who typically flies first class, you’ll love the upgrade. For families and groups, a private jet keeps everyone together on the same flight and makes navigating the airport much easier. If there are elderly people in your travel group, or anyone who needs assistance, flying by private jet can increase their comfort level. They won’t have to contend with rushing through a large, crowded airport terminal to make their flight. Booking a private jet also makes it easier and safer to take your pet along with you.

When you want to relax, you’ll have access to movies, music and satellite TV. You’ll find more menu options than on a commercial airliner. And when you arrive at your destination you’ll feel more refreshed, since you won’t have to deal with crowds or lines.

For business travelers, time means money. A private jet can make work-related trips faster and more efficient.

Instead of getting to the airport hours before your flight departs, and dealing with checking in and long lines, you can arrive just before takeoff to go through a much quicker security screening. If you’re running late, the aircraft waits for you.

It’s hard to be productive on a commercial flight. There are people around you talking. You can’t have a private conversation. On a private jet, you’ll have privacy and more room to spread out. If you’re with colleagues, you can discuss sensitive information without fear of being overheard. You can discuss plans for upcoming meetings, talk strategy, iron out potential problems and go over final details one more time.

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