A low-angle shot of a departure board at an airport

Destination Dupes: The Trend Redefining Travel Choices

The latest travel trend, “destination dupes,” is reshaping how travelers choose their next vacation spot.

This concept, popularized on social media platforms like TikTok, encourages travelers to explore lesser-known destinations that offer experiences similar to those found in famous tourist hotspots, but without the crowds and high costs. The appeal of destination dupes lies in their ability to provide authentic and serene experiences, often mirroring the allure of their more popular counterparts.

So what does a “Dupe” look like?

Some examples of “destination dupes” include opting for Paros instead of Santorini, choosing Perth over Sydney, and visiting Taipei as an alternative to Seoul. These destination alternatives offer similar cultural and scenic experiences to their more famous counterparts but are typically less crowded and more affordable.

As travelers seek to avoid the pitfalls of overtourism, which can strain local resources and diminish the visitor experience, destination dupes present a sustainable and enjoyable alternative.

It benefits everyone

This movement is not just about finding a cheaper or quieter version of a popular destination; it’s about discovering new cultures, histories, and landscapes that might otherwise remain under the radar. Whether it’s choosing the quaint streets of a lesser-known European town over a bustling city or a secluded beach instead of a famous seaside resort, destination dupes allow travelers to broaden their horizons and make responsible travel choices. As this trend continues to grow, it contributes to the diversification of tourism, benefiting both travelers and the local communities they visit.