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U.S. Travel Association’s IPW Event Lands in San Antonio

It is a national showcase of America, where U.S. travel exhibitors from destinations all around the country connect with travel buyers and media from more than 70 countries to promote their destination or product, negotiate future business and build relationships. IPW secures America’s position as a foremost global travel destination by increasing international visitation and showing the world the best of what the U.S. has to offer.

This year’s event has landed in San Antonio, Texas. Visit San Antonio says it’s the biggest tourism event in the city’s history. San Antonio is projected to have a return on investment of up to 400,000 new international visitors, who will generate up to $600 million in international visitor spending in the three years following IPW 2023.

Crowds gather at IPW opening event.

San Antonio Texas hosts IPW Event

The opening event for attendees of IPW took place at the historic La Villita arts village. With nearly 300 years of history, La Villita has many unique tales and is considered a cornerstone piece of San Antonio’s foundation. Although the “little village” now wears the hat of a cultural art hub, it has served as a home, refuge, and opportunity for people throughout the ages.  The IPW event featured different plazas (or zones) offering different culinary experiences, entertainment, artisan goods, and art representative of the diversity of San Antonio. The event concluded with a show titled “Light Up San Antonio” in which a band played music that narrated and guided attendees through the city’s history while overlooking the famous Riverwalk which had tourists passing through on riverboat tours.

The event will be in San Antonio through May 24, 2023. The next destination to host the IPW event will be Los Angeles in May 2024.