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Traveling in a Group? Book a Villa or Home

If you’re planning a vacation with a group of friends or family, you want to make sure you’re in a setting that will allow you to spend lots of quality time with each other.

Staying in separate rooms at a hotel or resort doesn’t quite give you the same sense of togetherness. That’s why booking a private villa can be a great option for a group trip.

Booking a villa is a way to keep everyone under one roof while still giving each person his or her own space. You’ll have the privacy and tranquility that will make it easier for everyone in the group to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

A villa provides a “home away from home” experience, with multiple bedrooms, a full kitchen and ample living space where everyone can spread out. With your own dining area, you won’t have to worry about finding a big enough table in a restaurant where you can all eat together. With your own outdoor space, you won’t have to search for a quiet spot where you can all sit together and socialize.

But searching for a place on your own can be a risky proposition. You’ve probably read horror stories about vacationers arriving at a rental house and finding a list of regulations that they never anticipated, or discovering that the property wasn’t quite what they expected.

Working with a travel advisor puts professional expertise behind your search for the perfect villa. You’ll be in the hands of someone who has vast experience with your destination, and has likely even traveled there. A travel advisor knows all of the regulations and can tell you what to expect, so that there are no surprises. And if there is a problem, you have a real human being you can call for help.

Before meeting with your travel advisor, you should make a list of your group’s requirements.

Even if you’ve picked a destination, think about the type of place that fits your group’s needs. For example, do you want a location where you won’t need a car? Are you happy with a villa that’s more secluded, where you can just relax by the pool or at the beach, or do you want a spot where there are opportunities for sightseeing, recreational activities and dining?

Figure out how many bedrooms you’ll need and the number of bathrooms you’d like. Ask about things like laundry facilities and free WiFi. If you’re planning to do a lot of cooking, check on a dishwasher and what kind of cookware is included. Make sure the place is big enough so that everyone also has some privacy.

Your travel advisor will go over the rules for when it’s time to leave. For example, you may be required to clean out the fridge and pantry or return furniture to its original spot if you’ve moved anything.