Three Travel Tips: Phil Keoghan – The Amazing Race

I’ve been a professional traveler since 2005 but I’ve still got a lot to learn and many cities to see so sitting down with The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan really excited me. He’s been all over the world while filming the past 28 seasons of the CBS reality competition and I was positive he’d have some insight and inspiration for your next trip. So, based on his experience, on a recent episode of The Jet Set, I asked what destination he loved the most and what his top travel tips were.. and here are his responses!

You’ve got to visit Italy
Keoghan says: “It’s one of those places… that if I’m not going home to New Zealand then I’m going to Italy for the food, for the wine for the people, the history, the architecture… it’s just rich as a country.”

He recalls a dinner that he says everyone needs to experience. Phil had an explosive dining experience on Stromboli, one of a chain of volcanic islands north of Sicily, when he was joined by a chef who cooked dinner using heat from an active volcano.

Keep Important Items on You

Never leave your passport or your money anywhere except for strapped to your body. He even suggests under your shirt so you’ll not forget where it is. It’s no secret that your passport is one of the more crucial documents to protect while traveling. Phil says: “Never leave it anywhere.. don’t leave it at the hotel when you go out anywhere, keep it with you at all times.”

Bring a Book or Entertainment
“Make sure you can entertain yourself for hours on end if you get stuck at an airport,” rounds out his travel tips. Whether it be a book or a movie you can play on your phone be prepared for delays, cancellations and of course weather which can always throw a wrench in anyone’s travel plans.. at anytime.

But wait! There’s more…for more and to hear about the behind the scenes “logistical nightmare” of the The Amazing Race check out my full interview.