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Bobby Laurie

TV Host / Travel Expert / Journalist


Bobby Laurie is one of two television travel hosts/correspondents with actual, hands-on travel industry experience. Currently Laurie serves as co-host of the nationally syndicated travel & lifestyle show “The Jet Set” and as a Traffic Anchor in Washington, D.C. for iHeartMedia.

Laurie’s background in the travel industry dates back to November 2005 when he was initially hired as a flight attendant.

After initially flying for six months for US Airways (now American Airlines) Laurie had started his move up the corporate ladder and held various positions within the industry before ultimately landing as an Analyst specializing InFlight Policies & Procedures. A year and a half later, Laurie left his post to return and joined Virgin America as one of the first 200 flight attendants under the brand started by Sir. Richard Branson.

In 2009 Bobby Laurie began his move into media and created a travel blog that was designed to collect and journal the experiences he encountered while working as a flight attendant. Because of the catchy name and his unbelievable, yet true stories, the blog became widely read among airline and industry enthusiasts. In 2010 a collection of his most popular articles and journals from his website were published into a book titled “Planely Speaking: Inflight Insight from Thirty Thousand Feet.”

In 2011, Laurie joined forces with another flight attendant blogger, Gailen David, and together formed “The Savvy Stews” at SavvyStews.com, a website designed to ease the stress of traveling by offering industry insider tips and tricks, reviews of trending travel products and also information on the newest travel destinations and venues. Four months later, in November 2011, the website became the largest independent travel site on the Internet by traffic.

Known as “The Savvy Stews” Laurie and David are the only two travel experts with actual travel industry experience. They’re currently appearing on the CNN Airport Network hosting the “Frequent Traveler” segment. Previously Laurie along with David served as travel correspondents on the now cancelled national morning show “The Daily Buzz” for three years and national lifestyle show “The Better Show.”

In 2014 the duo produced a travel series for Discovery Network’s “Destination America” titled “TAKE OFF! with The Savvy Stews” which followed the former flight attendants traveling the world and experiencing local cuisine, festivals, attractions and experiences. The show now streams on Hulu & Amazon Instant Video.

Laurie is continuously tapped to lend his opinions on the ever changing travel industry by The TODAY Show, CNN, HLN, MSNBC, ABC News, NPR, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal among others.

  • Email: bobby@bobbylaurie.com
  • Phone: 202-796-8726
  • Address: 107 S. West Street | Suite 136 | Alexandria, VA 22314



The Jet Set

Host / Executive Producer


Co-Host & Executive Producer of America’s first ever travel themed television talk show. The Jet Set is a fresh new talk show designed to reinvent travel television and keep pace with the professional, leisure and aspiring traveler by experiencing the sights, sounds and scenery of destinations around the world or here at home, along with you!




On-Air Traffic Anchor for Total Traffic + Weather Network, a subsidiary of iHeartMedia, which provides live, real-time traffic reports for radio and television affiliates.

CNN Airport Network

Travel Expert/Host

Turner Private Networks

Regular co-host of the Frequent Traveler reports airing throughout the day on the network. Content and reports feature travel tips and information to make the travel experience for business and frequent travelers easier and streamlined.


The Huffington Post


Oath, Inc.
Bobby provided The Huffington Post with regular articles and features about the travel industry and the news and changes within the industry affect the flight attendant career.
TAKE OFF! with The Savvy Stews

Host / Executive Producer

Destination America / Hulu
Executive Produced and hosted this 8 episode travel series which aired on Discovery Networks’ Destination America network.

“TAKE OFF! with the Savvy Stews” shares the adventures Bobby & Gailen encourage their viewers to have in various cities in America and beyond, from tasting the local cuisine to tackling the boldest activities.

Although the Savvy Stews are expert travelers, they are always seeking the new thing to try, and the road less traveled, because they want to experience the discovery along with the viewers at home.

The Daily Buzz

Travel Correspondent

Nationally Syndicated
From 2013 through the shows cancellation in 2015, Bobby served as a travel correspondent and expert on the morning news and entertainment program along with Gailen David. Segments aired every first and third Tuesday that were shot on location from destinations around the world and featured destination highlights, attractions, festivals and more.

Additionally, Bobby was called upon to lend his expertise and opinion on travel related news events

The Better Show

Travel Correspondent

Nationally Syndicated

In 2013, before joining “The Daily Buzz,” Bobby Laurie and The Savvy Stews provided The Better Show with destination focused travel segments from destinations around the globe.

HuffPost LIVE

Travel Contributor

America Online, Inc.

Bobby Laurie regularly appeared on The Huffington Post’s digital television network HuffPost LIVE as a travel contributor commenting on travel industry news, events and changes.

Instinct Magazine

Travel Contributor

Instinct Publishing, Inc.

From 2013-2014 Bobby served as the publications online travel contributor producing weekly news articles and a monthly feature.


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Let's Keep In Touch

I might be on the road and in the air often, but I’m always reachable! If you’re interested in contacting me for a booking, have a comment (or complaint!) about one of my segments or just have something to say, get in touch!

Bobby Laurie
107 S. West Street, Suite 136 | Alexandria, VA 22314

For television appearances please contact:


David Brunner
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